Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crater Lake Aurora Borealis

Where is my internet? It seems like the internet has been shrinking lately into corporate content feeds somehow generated by people but edited and curated by machine learning algorithms. Stephen Dubner and John Oliver have been tackling this issue lately. I'm going to continue writing this but updating the post as I think about it. Essentially the hayday of the internet for me was a place online to geek out. I want to find the corners of the internet that have become hidden to me. Where are my friends writing? Where's the good stuff? Help me find the internet again! I see, right over there on the revolving globe ----> The only entity reading this right now other than me is Google in Mountain View, California. I found this video of the aurora borealis captured over crater lake through a facebook friend. A lot of the most interesting content comes at me through Facebopok these days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

You want lower tuition, They want better brand recognition

UC Davis has been in the news in a bad way lately. At the directive of their chancellor - Linda P.B. Katehi - the University spent ~$175,000 to scrub the internet of references to the 2011 incident in which campus police pepper-sprayed peaceful Occupy protesters. Though the police officer who did the spraying Lt. John Pike was fired shortly thereafter, the chancellor and school leadership wanted to ensure this was not a permanent black mark on UC Davis reputation. So they allocated a huge sum of money to clean up the internet regarding the incident. In the wake of this revelation there are now calls for Chancellor Katehi to resign. Universities ought to celebrate the free flow of information, and not actively work to suppress it. Tom Paine's Ghost adds its name to the petition for Katehi to resign!

God is a Boob Man

Thursday, April 14, 2016

People Infiltrating the Club

Jane Sanders says primary process "Wrong." Going further she says the process is alienating potential voters and weighted to favor establishment candidates.

More than the primary process the two party system itself is the bigger problem. It assures the American people only have to decide between two people. The rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump really illustrate the masses becoming more involved in the long-range political process. The upcoming primary in New York State illustrates party politicking at work. In order to vote in the Democratic primary a voter in New York State would have had to register as a Democrat by October 9th, 2015! How in the world does this give independents and non-affiliated voters any say or part play in our democracy?