Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog posting about blog posting... the infinite loop

On the tech-crunch podcast this morning that came to my hammer anvil and stirrup over the Stitcher radio application on my iPhone, a voice told me that a bloggers only hope for getting links back is to post at least 2-3 times per day. They reported that the top 42% of all blogs actually post 10 times per day or more!!! This came as a shock to me, as I only post about once every three months on average. So her I go. I will try to take a few minutes every two to three hours during the day to see if this lonely blog starts to see any more traffic.

So I have to wonder about sites that post 10+ times per day. First of all these sites probably have many, many contributors. So If I were to recruit say 30 contributing bloggers and we all had a schedule, we could keep up to that level and only post once every three days. I think that is reasonable. This will be my goal.

So what is there to talk about in a free thinking realm on Thursday September 25 2008? Oh yes - the economy. Let's say we did go into a depression what would happen? Would it go so far as people having to grow their own food, and make their own cloths and not have time for anything else like blogging? People would have to put away their speed boats and travel less for sure. Who would be at the top of the food chain? I think small farmers would. Would anyone care about the government, while the government would be helpless themselves to do anything... No, they would not at all. Nationalism would surely take a downturn and tribalism would resurface. I think in order to keep the people paying attention to them the US government may start to threaten our allies and bully them into sending us chocolate. Our borders would probably be death zones and passing from one town to the next would be treacherous, as the residents would wonder where you got the money to fill up your gas tank and try to take your fuel from you. What about the children. Well they would be hungry. What about the pets? Well they would be food. All and all we can deal with this no matter how bad it gets. The people who can't deal with it are those that can't stomach the possibility that they will now have to drink tap water instead of bottled. These will be the nut jobs that throw themselves from tall buildings in the face of all this. The rest of us will be the stronger for the struggle and come out with a fresh gene pool of hardy individuals ready to build a new world from scratch, with a new ethics for the ages -->Peace

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