Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street Freefall

The inability of our government to pass a massive financial bailout for an economy in free fall is a reflection of the complete absence of leadership in our happy United States of America. Basically a socialist bill giving the federal government control of large swaths of the financial system was suggested by George bush and Co. and they could not get their republican comrades in the house to pass this thing. Speaks to the fractionation of the republican party. Democrats who voted against the bill are just as guilty because they took a three page document suffering from legislative anorexia and plumped it out to a 110 page nightmare. No wonder this bill didn't pass. Do you honestly think any member of congress has the attention span to read and absorb 110 pages of text and then decide weather they like it or not. Can you imagine George Bush with that sitting on his desk. I heard that halfway through todays session some house republicans from Texas put up a motion to adjourn early. I think they should have. At least then they could have read it before voting it down.

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