Monday, October 13, 2008


It is time to awake from your slumber America! As citizens of this great country it is our responsibility to demand more of politics and of politicians, of ourselves and of our neighbors. Apathy and ignorance afflict America like a festering infection. It is time for the common citizenry to step forth like the immune system it is designed to be and combat this infection.

If you are unsure where to begin, start with friends, family and coworkers. If you are not moved by mainstream politics, engage in discussion of any issue that compels you! If you are sick of mainstream politics portrayed by the media, become the media of your own politics! Political forums are everywhere. If you are opposed to existing forums, create your own!

Keep in mind that political progression is not based on preaching to the choir. Political progress is based upon insightful discussion and reasoning, thoughtful consideration and deliberation, compassion and compromise between people with different perspectives. Never assume that people have already made up their minds and that your thoughts will fall on deaf ears! Don't be deaf! Instead of wielding an arsenal of sound bites and talking points, wield an arsenal of research!

Keep in mind that engaging in political debate is an inherently frustrating activity and the utility of your labor may not be instantly recognizable. Resist the futility of anger and hostility in this endeavour and foment tolerance and understanding. Politics as a whole is an infinite process with unfathomable connectivity and consequence. The failure of a single individual to participate in the process will result in disequilibrium of the entire political system!

Engaging in politics is a duty. Federal, state and local policy impacts every aspect of all of our lives! No one is exempt!
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