Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Gloves Are Off

In the following montage put together by the Talking Points Memo Blog, the sweeping arms of the GOP draw on doubt about Barack Obama's character. The seeds of doubt were first sewn in the slanderous e-mails that passed around the country a little over a year ago. Remember that e-mail you got from your cousin or your aunt that accused Obama of being unpatriotic, Muslim, and refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, or swear into office on a bible? Those were all patent falsehoods that infected the minds of countless Americans. Now, the attack dogs are out in full force. To me, they are just exposing themselves as the combative hawks they have become under the delusional world of the George W. Bush administration. Like the greedy investment bankers selling off their stocks to the demise of the rest of the market, these political pit bulls are squandering what little character they have left at a cost to their party. The way they repeat the name "Bill Ayers" comes across with the rhythm of a battle drum for a McCain campaign loosing ground. As I watched this I thought I recognized representative Blackburn from Tennessee. Then I remembered were I had heard her voice before. See the second video below for a testament to Rep. Blackburn's priorities.

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Green Ninja said...

These attack campaigns continue to disgrace American Politics. I have lost all respect for John McCain. If righteousness is to prevail on November 4th, then Barak Obama must prevail.