Sunday, October 12, 2008

Matthew 25 Network

A women's right to abort pregnancy is a fundamental right. I support this fundamental right! I will be voting NO on Colorado's Amendment 48! Amendment 48 is an attempt to change the legal definition of a person.

I must preface my next thoughts by acknowledging that I am about to be guilty of engaging in a series of broad generalizations, so that I might make a point. Even if you find these generalizations to be disagreeable, I ask that you please continue reading. I have encountered many pro-lifers who are close-minded hypocrites that lack the ability of consideration and simply regurgitate religious teachings "without flinching." Many pro-lifers that sound the murder drum and make a stance of supporting the UNBORN, are often the same people that do nothing to support those BORN into challenging situations themselves and do not support legislation that would help families in challenging situations (i.e. the same people that vote republican). That being said, I have struggled to find many exceptions, let alone a massive movement of exception. The exceptions have now stepped forward.

At a time when America is increasingly polarized on so many issues such as this, and a great majority of American citizens choose to either strictly adhere to party lines or to ignore politics altogether, I have discovered a political action committee that is a breath of fresh air. Check out this group's stance on abortion and more importantly the manner in which they are approaching their cause at the link above.

Before you judge this group, I urge you to PLEASE rise above the talking points of pro-life and pro-choice, regardless of your stance, and make a genuine effort to employ reasoning. Please hear this group out by visiting their website at the Matthew 25 Network and learn more about them! They are a pro-life, pro-Obama committee that understands that overturning Roe vs Wade would be very dangerous and that the legal status of abortions would not impact abortion rates. This committee is backing Barack Obama because of his policies that will provide support for women and families, provide affordable healthcare for every American and help the impoverished (i.e. policies that will encourage alternatives to abortions in a non-invasive way that preserves a women's right to choose)!

I commend this group for their efforts, their cause and their couragesness. Regardless of their personal religious beliefs, this group is stepping up to help their brothers and sisters, their neighbors, their country. This is an independent political action committee that will be "targeting Christian voters on Christian radio stations with a Christian message." While I may not agree with this group from a religious standpoint, I have a great respect for the manner in which they are approaching their cause. Most importantly, this group understands that Barack Obama is the best choice for America. For the sake of America's future, may the Matthew 25 Network convince many in their target audience of this same conclusion.


Green Ninja said...

I am amazed at how many abortion debates completely overlook and fail to discuss the underlying social problems impacting this issue.

Matthew 25 Network said...

Thanks for the kind write up here on Matthew 25 and our work... we posted an excerpt of it (and link back to you)over here:

tompainesghost said...

I saw this critics review of the 1996 film "Citizen Ruth"and it made me think of this post