Saturday, October 4, 2008

O'BAMA and his Mama - It's All in the Genes

Meet Obama's family starting with his mom - Anne Dunham (her first name was actually Stanley after her father - he obviously wanted a boy) I can see the resemblance in Anne's chin ears and lips.
Some other twinkling lights on this family tree include Barack's great great great grandfather Falmouth Kearny, an Irish Farmer that settled in Indiana after escaping Ireland's Potato blight, and the Frenchman Mareen Duvall. The later genetically links Barack to President Harry Truman and Vice President Dick Cheney. Barack and Dick are 9th cousins three times removed if you can believe it. The other interesting thing about Barack's family tree is the extent and depth of its American roots. There are records of his ancestry back to 1694 within the United States, and several of his male ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. How dare Sarah Palin tell voters that this dyed in the wool American "pals around with terrorists." Go back to Alaska (the 47th most populous state in the Union by the way).

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