Friday, October 3, 2008

Shame on you America!

The vice presidential candidate debate, or debacle last night was a complete mockery of the US political system. I am absolutely amazed that Sarah Palin is actually a vice presidential candidate. While this complete failure of a debate reinforced my hope that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will emerge victorious on Tuesday November 4th, it actually made me ashamed to be a citizen of this great country. Is this the best the US political system is capable of? It is very clear who dominated this "debate," it is also very clear that there was only one legitimate participant. Sarah Palin simply avoided the moderator's questions most of the time and the moderator made no attempt to "moderate" the debate in this respect. What is the point of even asking a question if Sarah Palin is allowed to talk about whatever she pleases? It is completely absurd that last night's showing was passed off as a debate! Even in her "topic of choice speeches," Sarah Palin struggled to display the ability to formulate any rational thought and seemed capable of merely tossing out buzz words, often times in a completely incoherent manner. This is certainly not an isolated incident, check out the poetry of Sarah Palin. Human nature may have many of us laugh at her comments, when it may actually be more appropriate to cry. Check out the treatment of Sarah Palin's logic and decor in this New Yorker article by George Saunders. Very laughable, until you realize this is a vice presidential candidate of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, then the shame sets in. America!? You are ignorant by choice! Please wake up from your slumber!

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