Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dow Drops as Scared White People Sell Off

The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped 486 points today. Predictable to say the least as scared wealthy white people privately made their fears known to the world behind computer screens clicking sell sell sell. "Hoard your riches the black man wants to raise the capital gains tax!!! the sky is falling!!!" they say to themselves in a chorus of silent fear. I bet this will continue through the middle of winter and the world will suffer for their greed. But at some point a few of these old time crusties are going to realize they can double down and start pumping their assets back into the renewable infrastructure boom and the market will emerge with new muscle. The sad part is that old time blue chips like Ford and GM are probably not going to exist as we know them in 12 months if this trend continues. At the grocery store last week there was a notice in the cookie aisle that mothers/archway had completely shut down and would not be making their frosted animal cookies, rocky-road, peanut butter, or any of their staples anymore. After 92 years they are closing up shop. This won't be the last of the traditions we loose in the coming months but we shouldn't get too upset. Change requires a walk through the valley of despair. Now is the time to try on some metaphorical hiking boots.

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