Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Microcosm of Communism in China

A Peace Corps volunteer in Guizhou (贵州), China shares his story of a first hand encounter with the Chinese government and its control over the press. Specifically, Dustin Ooley describes the government manipulating water supply to the school where he works in a blog post entitled Water Monopoly! (or Where is Teddy Roosevelt When People Need Him?). Particularly pertinent to TPG is the role that the reporter played, or in fact did not play in this scene. A resounding illustration of the functional role of an unfettered press in a democracy.

Cheers to Dustin for the composition and Phil for the heads up.

The culture wars hinge on reinforcing stereotypes. One popular stereotype is that liberals are communists, socialists, marxists, and what have you. Well, my friends, I would consider myself a liberal thinker but this story scares me. The issues that unify us will help end the culture wars and the most paramount of these issues is outlined in the first amendment. Liberty and justice for all requires free speech and a free press whether you are liberal or conservative.

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Jack Gyulavári said...

The only point I would add here is "All for one and one for all." "Dia"-log, "dia"-critics," and all other discussions between two antagonistic parties will always end in win, loss, or stalemate. This is Couples Counseling 101. There is something very pure, very noble at the core of Communism, and that is why it has been opposed so vehemently. Rather than dialogics, I believe that Communism will prevail as humanity begins to think more in fractal logics. This is the logic of the tarot, developed at the Library of Alexandria as a medium by which scholars from different countries could communicate. There are still 21 cards in the major arcana, and 21 is still Buddhism's most sacred number. I hold a very sacred belief that a one-world government will by necessity resemble the tarot. The Dalai Lama is *not* the Hierophant we need... the powers of the Hierophant will only disseminate to the child who most adamantly rejects power.