Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thomas Paine - the Face of Sustainable Living!

The time is now upon all communities and each of us individually, to enact sustainable living practices. Establishing and promoting sustainable living is no longer a task for future generations, it is our current task. There are many faces of sustainable living. The new symbolic face of sustainable living will be Thomas Paine's! Check out how the Lewes pound will promote and raise awareness for sustainable living. Many of the aspects and prospects of sustainable living have been and will continue to be covered and discussed within the pages of this weblog.

Here I would like to touch briefly upon the local produce arm of sustainable living. Markets featuring local produce and other local goods are an integral part of many small communities and cultures, yet this concept has been abandoned in many modern communities. Supporting locally grown produce greatly reduces energy consumption, as food does not need to be shipped as far, it also strengthens communities and has many intangible values. The "100-mile market" concept is feasible for large modern cities. Often times the only critical piece missing is initiative! Check out this Ontario Project. What I like best about the homepage photo is the skyscrappers in the background. If you don't think this is possible in your community, think again! Check out what urban gardeners in Detriot are doing (Go to Day 9, Red State Roadtrip). If this doesn't inspire you to push for a project in your community then perhaps nothing will. Grassroots sustainable living projects are sprouting up in more and more communities. Green is NOT a buzzword, it is NOT the latest trend, it is the culture of our future! Initiate projects in your community, encourage new and ongoing projects, get involved and lend support! Via la revolutiones!

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