Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Awareness awareness

Recently, I came across a website showing a tour of 80 optical illusions. Since then, I have been modestly obsessed with visual phenomena, being the moderate extremist that I am. This morning I received an email containing the following YouTube clip about awareness.

I really appreciate the multi-faceted message this video campaign is promoting and I felt obligated to help propagate it. This message hit a resonating chord with me from my exposure to the encounters of bicyclists with motorists and vice versa. Despite the serious nature of the video, I couldn't help myself from finding this video painfully funny I must confess. And then I thought WOW, awareness really does laugh in the face of reality! You know? Of course, the compulsive nature of YouTube beckoned me to peruse "related" videos. I found all the parodies of the awareness test laughable indeed. I also came across the following optical illusion.

Beyond optical, we have the capacity to convince ourselves of anything. This capacity can be projected upon the perception of others. Just try to be aware of this! Extend this idea to politics, to the media, to everything you have ever learned! Why does human nature gravitate towards habit and tend to fear change? Why do zombies love fireworks? If modern science concluded that the universe is completely holographic in nature could you believe this? Only by unlearning and realizing how much we don't know, can we peer through doorways to "knowledge." Question everything and when your world is turned upside down, give it a spin! Once you are swept away in an infinite universe you may just find that you are closer to home than ever before.

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