Monday, December 29, 2008

"Ghost Dance"

A Post from the Ghost...
Each date is filled with as many joys as sorrows. 118 years ago today, approximately 300 Oglala Lakota, including the Sioux Chief - Big Foot, were massacred at Wounded Knee in South Dakota, just south of the badlands. This firestorm marked the last major battle between the U.S. government and any Native American peoples. Though ephemeral spirit auras do not float in an ether surrounding us on this date, eye-witness accounts of the events that transpired at Wounded Knee have the power to tingle our collective nervous system more than a century later. This is the cause of Tom Paine's Ghost; to raise the consciousness through interactive memory, to rekindle the embers of the promise of America, and to renew our independence by engaging the citizenry.

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