Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Mother Jones reviews the wild side of environmentalists today. Highlighted is the Miss Earth Beauty pageant held in the Philippines. Contestants promote environmental awareness by planting trees and other earthy acts during the competition. STOP, WAIT! Why is this one of the headlines on MOTHER JONES, a source supposedly "in tune" with environmental issues, while the story of the coal slurry disaster in Tennessee is nowhere to be found? Water for millions of homes in the southeast U.S. is currently being poisoned because of an epic environmental catastrophe that began when an earthen retention wall holding in a 40 acre pond of sludge failed. The sludge consists of a chunky coal slurry laden with radioactive material and dissolved heavy metals. Though our collective attention span is ever diminishing, some stories need SUSTAINED ATTENTION. Like this tragedy in Tennessee that was presented to the media only yesterday, after a week of zero coverage. I hope the goddesses got your attention, now let us go back to Tennessee and meditate on the magnitude of such an event!

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