Sunday, February 15, 2009

The President Gives Props to Darwin

The President of the United States pauses and reflects on the bicentennial birthday of Charles Darwin while extolling the virtues of our 16th president on his own 200th birthday. Obama's aspiration to "renew the commitment to science, innovation, and discovery" can only be realized if the people take up the task. When we the people belie this aspiration by worrying about our personal assets we doom ourselves to failure. As we pass through the selective bottleneck of financial regress may we see the spark of curiosity grow into the "fires of genius" that lay within us all.

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Theodore John Glendinning II said...

This is something I would love to believe. I trust Obama on this. However, a lot of scientific funding was lost in the fine print of the new Stimulus Package. I was very upset to see NASA lose a nice chunk.

Darwin was an interesting man. I truly wish society were more open to science. Religion has overshadowed it for much too long. Imagine if the Greek philosophies were allowed to develop over the 2000 odd years religion has supressed it. The last man to truly unite it all was Alexander. Had Alexander and Darwin met, our arts and sciences would be... There are no words to describe where we could be.