Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Second American Revolution

Why limit it to America. Why not begin the first Global Revolution?

The actor Bob Basso is no doubt filled with passion, though I feel his interpretation of Thomas Paine is misguided. If he had actually read the works of Paine he might have stumbled across these CORE ENLIGHTENMENT BELIEFS outlined in The Rights of Man. Basso's anti-immigrant slant on Paine's character is highly contrary to Paine's belief that THE STATE HAS A DUTY TO HELP THE NEEDIEST OF ITS PEOPLE.

For a man that once said "My country is the world and my religion is to do good" I find it hard to believe Paine would have agreed with all the points made here by Basso. In my mind the revolution Thomas Paine might align himself with in 2009 would be the movement for GLOBAL DEMOCRACY.

Basso's Barking rhetoric in the video above echos the Ron Paul supporters that rallied around the free market philosophy so ardently for the past two years. This form of arch libertarianism leaves out many other key aspects of the bill of rights that all Americans need to reacquaint themselves with. Basso also seems to be unhappy with President Obama. I wonder if he knows how much academic respect Obama has for Paine. Having quoted Thomas Paine in is inaugural address I think Obama might actually listen to the more enlightened aspects of this rant, especially the call for service and sacrifice!


Green Ninja said...

I agree with you that most of Basso's interpretation of Thomas Paine is highly misguided. The "buy a gun, you'll need it" threat/attempt to incite fear kind of put the ruin icing on the cake for me here. Passion and guns don't usually go so well together. I would rather be amongst the passionate than the apathetic, but let us arm our passion with reason, not guns, fear or hate.

Barnabus Sackett said...

I always try to find the common ground between all people. Even though Bob Basso was ranting on about some things that were radical in nature I do think that he had some interesting points embedded in his video. Three points in particular I thought were interesting were: limiting the number of terms congressmen or congresswomen can be in office, forcing congress to balance our federal budget, and removing many of their special privileges they have today.

Representatives in Congress have become too superficial in many ways because they are often making decisions based on if they can remain in office in terms to follow. Their ideas and beliefs can be skewed by their own job security, when our Country was created the roles that these government officials hold were an honor and a duty, NOT A JOB. I agree with Basso when he says “long term power corrupts”. I would like to see our government shift away from career politicians that are controlled by lobbyists and special interests groups. We should move towards voting officials in that are not going to do what’s right for them but what’s right for the people they represent. If we vote elected officials in office they would not be afraid to give the hard truths about the federal budget because they would be making the right decision for the PEOPLE and NOT for THEMSELVES. One last note, people should decide what privileges our congressmen and congresswomen have not themselves. The idea they decide what privileges they have is very bias in nature. If you could give yourself a raise would you and how often? I think many people would do it more often than one might think.

Alaphiah said...

Ghost you said,"Basso's anti-immigrant slant on Paine's character is highly contrary to Paine's belief that THE STATE HAS A DUTY TO HELP THE NEEDIEST OF ITS PEOPLE."

It is interesting to me that you would take such a revisionist stand on Paine's words!

First of all there is a difference between illegal aliens and immigrants.

None of the early revolutionaries would stand for the blatant disregard of the constitution that you suppose.

You are a disgrace to the memory of Thomas Paine

tompainesghost said...

Thanks for reading Tom Paine's Ghost. I am sorry you feel that my writing disgraces the memory of Thomas Paine. I'm not claiming to be an incarnation of Paine but merely a voice that found inspiration from the his pen.

I am inspired by quotes like...

"The world is my country and my religion is to do good."


"The UNITED STATES of AMERICA," will sound as pompously in the world or in history, as "the kingdom of Great Britain"...

These quotes illustrate his disdain for arbitrary authority and his longing for an era where all men, no matter where on earth they happen to be born, enjoy universal rights.

You are right in saying that none of the founding fathers would have stood for the blatant disregard for the constitution. They were revolutionaries. They spent their lives trying to reform the system. They would have THOUGHT long and hard about how they could improve the text in order to provide operable democracy to the people disregarding it.

I am honored to be insulted by you because it is a testament to the freedom of thought that those men built into the system.


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