Monday, April 13, 2009

LIVE BLOGGING RFK Jr Speech Fort Collins

I'm sitting in the front most public row (3rd)
Stay tuned for live updates...

First off Abound Solar is having a "Ribbon Cutting" tomorrow.

Abound Solar is a low cost solar cell manufacturer predicted to be First Solar's biggest competitor. Read more about Abound solar in our previous coverage of this promising company here and here.

Wirsol - new company to Fort Collins

Dr. Hermann Scheer - gave a most impressive speech! One fact shouts out and should be echoed throughout the United States.
Dr. Scheer reports that Germany produces about 5 giga Watts of energy from solar power annually, while the entire United States generates only about 115 mega Watts. To put this in perspective for the audience Dr. Sheer made the following comparison. The amount of solar power generated in the United States annually is equal to that produced in the city of Munich!
That gives you an idea of how much room we have to grow as a country powered by renewables.

Robert Kennedy Jr. made a powerful argument for our shift to a renewable energy economy. He talked specifcally about seval companies he is involved with including Vantage Point Venture Partners (with a special metion of Bright source energy - one of the many companies VPVPs invests in). Also, he mentioned Better Place and electric car maker and energy grid construction firm. The novel concept here is that the car is like a cell phone. The provider gives the consumer the car for free and charges for the energy consumed, how we now pay for minutes in cell phone plans.

See the Speaker's List.
I recorded the audio of the later two and will try to post them soon.

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