Monday, May 4, 2009

Beyond Energy


By Kristopher Hite

Motion amongst molecules pushes us,
propels us,
perpetuates the people of the planet
through -

Generation through generation we generate.
The sun with its rays ripping through the vacuum
clashing with our atmosphere
and deep inside some clandestine chloroplasts the conception of energy transforming to matter
speckled this sphere with -

and green grabbed the ground
greedily grasped Gondwana
groped for more -

Terrestrial torrents took over.
Together teeming,
tying their tenuous tendrils
finally intertwining to tame the topography for -

Cacophonous was the Cambrian crescendo.
Archaic arthropods armed with ambition
their enormous exskeletons enriched with chitin
careening, crashing for

And now with a nascent nation notoriously needing -

And after the storms and the swarms take form

what will we be left wanting?

With the world's water wasted
will they wonder what wetness was?

Hope - here and now - is housed high in the heavens

if eventually Energy emerges
and equality exists in every extreme on earth
what then will the billions of brains be bound by?


a poem.

1 comment:

Amber Mason Cimo said...

This poem is FANTASTIC! I followed your link from Facebook, and found a fact-filled blog which entertained me far more than the frequently fictitious follies one can find in social networking land.

Your poem progresses in a professional, yet playful tone, and is a well planned phenomenon, presented by a profound being!!! I must proclaim that I'm prone to using alliteration in my own writing, so it was poignantly pleasing to my peaceful persona to indulge in a poem backed up by your own passion.

Thanks for sharing this, Kris, and congratulations on being published!!!
Amber Mason Cimo