Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheating Death - Colbert on Fire!

Oprah is a prominent gate-keeper and her constant promotion of quackery opens up the topic of responsibility when using free speech from certain platforms. I surely can not, with good conscience, stand by while Oprah spearheads the charge to flay the hypothetical Hypatias of our time.

How do you think these matters of free speech vs. phony speech should be handled? Perhaps a network sponsored special running for several weeks consisting of a panel debate on each claim inviting experts from academia and clinics in for each issue - vaccines, the secret, Dr. Phil etc etc.

Some would argue that this would be a bad idea because it gives equal footing to those making fraudulent health claims. But I say the truth should be able to defeat any imitations using the "disinfectant of sunlight" as justice Louis Brandeis might have put it.
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Cheating Death - Cheerios, Soda Paralysis & Oprah's Crazy Talk
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