Monday, June 8, 2009

Reborn after 200 years

Thomas Paine - the man of letters that built the foundation of ideas the American revolution sprung from - died 200 years ago today.
His rebellious spirit still stirs resentment amongst dyed in the wool crown-lovers to this day.

Listen to what one commenter had to say about the man 200 years after his death in response to this BBC Magazine article...
Thomas Paine was a traitor to his country. It doesn't matter if what he said was right or wrong or we look back on as profound, his meddling in colonial affairs were catastrophic. Supporting a French dictator and American rebels? His descendants should hang their heads in shame.
Lucian Whippe, Cambridge
This is why we revolted!

Viva Tom Paine's revolution!
And long live the power of the PEOPLE!

An amusing coincidence was pointed out today by a catholic magazine.

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