Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amsterdam Embroiled in Anarchy?

So says the liars at FOX news. Luckily we have citizen journalists to give us a view from the streets (and canals). The sad part is that your average US Midwesterner sees FOX news is the infallible giver of truth and will probably not have the opportunity to see for themselves how they are deceived. Can not wait for blogs to tear down FOX someday. I envision Bill O'Reilly still ranting in a dilapidated concrete building in New York city as the camera crew finally leaves him to "do it live" all by himself.

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Anonymous said...

Fox News and O'Reilly in particular disgust me with their lies. I'm incredulous that a large portion of Americans wholly accept this coverage as fair and balanced news. This is a perfect example. I have a friend who lives in Amsterdam part of the year and finds it to be an absolutely delightful and safe place. And yes, she does partake in certain legal activities illegal in the US. And no, she is not a drug addict nor a murderer!!