Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Fish with Humanoid Teeth

This image comes from a National Geographic Blog. The subject - Piaractus brachypomus - an Amazonian fish with an eerily similar set of chompers to you and I. They use these flat masticators to crack nuts and seeds. I initially thought it was photo-shopped... Uncanny!


Anonymous said...

Damn! I would have sworn that was a Photoshop job! Creepy!

Bree said...

That is creepy! You could vividly see evolution taking place here. dentist Rockville MD

Mrs. Mandy Catez said...

Those really look creepy indeed, do they know what type of fish is that? Thanks.
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broomall cosmetic dentist said...

It does look like it has human teeth, do you think that it's a cross breed?

Kathereen Muniez said...

I showed this picture to my friend dentist in Fayetteville nc and he first told me that it was photoshopped. I showed him that there is a link to National Geographic Blog and he was shocked that there is such thing like a fish with humanoid teeth.

Geoff Granfield said...

Wow is that for real? That looks not photoshopped for me. I have to validate that with my folks at the Pennant Hills Dentistry though.

Ryan Donovan said...

If this picture was not edited at all then it's definitely freaky. It really does resemble into a human teeth. You can go to a dental care in Colorado springs and see dentures similar to the fish's teeth.

Stew said...

That certainly tops the creepiest photo of the year award! It should be hanged at my gentle dentist in jersey city wall.

Patrick Odea said...

I don't know about you guys but that looks every inch photoshopped! Hey Stew, better give it to some dentist champaign il for that matter.

Melissa Heart said...

This picture really freaked me out the first time I saw it. It looks like a human fish! I wonder if this is possible, or was it just Photoshopped? I'm definitely going to ask my dentist in hanahan about this on my next appointment.

Danikka Christopher said...

This should be examined by any dentist in la. But it really looks exactly like human teeth. I wonder how did this fish got that. Experts should really see this.

Dwayne Miller said...

That fish is called "Pacu" and is a very common species of omnivorous South American freshwater fish. And yes, that fish have squarer, straighter teeth just like human. Though, just by looking at the condition of the fish's teeth it may need a sedation dentist in Las Vegas. Lol!

kierran campbell said...

Kinda creepy. This should be examined immediately by dentist in studio city. I'm sure they can tell if its a fraud or not.

vance smith said...

This was interesting, Love this type of fish with human teeth.

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