Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Uranium Mine on Colorado's Front Range?

The CEO of Powertech Uranium Corporation seems to think the answer to this question is "Yes, Indeed." And huge loopholes in legislation passed last year in Colorado are giving this corporation the green light to continue the permitting process.

In my first official gig as a freelance writer I delve into the case of the proposed "centennial uranium mine" near Nunn Colorado. With a little help from my friends and many hours on the phone I think I've distilled the finer points of this issue for your reading pleasure. May it light a fire under you. Find it here at MatterDaily.org


Chase Carlton said...

Good article and well-researched. Hopefully the rest of the country can be alerted to this.

tompainesghost said...

Thanks Chase,
There is even more of a story to tell when you go into the small town politics of Nunn, CO. It has been fun talking to the people there hearing of the power stuggle going on for mayor, town board members husbands running other town board members off the road, and gun-shot holes in the town clerks' house.

If you liked the article please pass it along to all those people you know who are in tune with these types of issues.

Thanks for reading,