Sunday, September 6, 2009

beauty in the everyday

I turned on the radio this morning to change-up my usual internet and coffee regime. After fuzzing through the noise and stopping at all the clear channels I realized all of the old media outlets (TV, radio, and newspapers) are finally and completely filled with junk. Avarice in advertising has marginalized the main-stream to the point of irrelevance. I came back to the internet by typing in scienceblogs to the "google machine" and the first thing I saw was this wonderfully zen video about the ephemeral moments that we all let go by without a second reflection. After watching I realized there is no turning back. Web 2.0 will only continue to get better and bring us people-powered content that is tailored to our unique interest-profiles. Simply beautiful.

Thanks to Bioephemera for passively passing this along.

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