Friday, October 30, 2009

Holy Wolfram Alpha!

Here Stephen Wolfram introduces a new kind of search engine.

The idea is to take all the math that has ever been conjured by humanity and build it into a search engine such that any person out there on the world wide web can type in any question and have this search engine send back a "search results" page with that question analyzed by all relevant mathematical tools.

In the introduction you can see and be mesmerized by some of the complex functions wolfram alpha is capable of.  Brilliant! To say the least.

It seems this is an attempt by Stephen Wolfram to answer Hans Rosling's call to action made at TED in 2006.

Why didn't this exist when I took P-Chem?
Thanks Nate for the heads up!

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Douglas Christensen said...

I've been playing with Wolfram Alpha since it launched in May and it has come in handy for quite a few things, both practical and trivial. Love it.