Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Guys Under Attack!

Activate team internet! Boycott Hansen Beverage!!! They are using their Goliath-style corporate might to bully a tiny Vermont brewery. The brewery named one of their beers the "Vermonster" so Hansen Beverage Inc. claims this is a copyright infringement on their "Monster" energy drinks. Now I know most TPG readers cringe at the thought of buying a Monster energy drink in the first place but, take it to the next level. Hansen Beverage A California company and the parent company of Monster sure does a good job putting up the facade of green-friendliness, but underneath those green scales lies a real corporate monster! Join in the Hansen Beverage Boycott!!! 

Check out Jim Hightower's piece on this topic.

Or outwit them.  Ben and Jerry's could sue Hansen Beverage as they used the name Vermonster years ago for their giant tub of ice cream!


Still think we should continue the boycott to send a message to any corporation thinking about pulling a move like that!

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