Sunday, November 22, 2009

Annie Leonard: An American Greenthinker

Today I was introduced to Annie Leonord and her wide angled view of the world. The following is an account of the string of connections leading me to her and her message. I'm explaining as an exercise in recall and illustration of how information moves in this day and age. I was trying to find the list of Top 50 books sold at the Matter Bookstore (where I volunteer) so I Googled "Wolverine Farm Publishing." On the first search results page I found this you tube review of Matter 11: The Woods put together by a guy named Christian Peet living his philosophy somewhere in the woods of Vermont. While perusing his other book reviews I stopped at a certain point where he describes the reason he will wear his purple flannel until it rots off his body, fighting the notion of perceived obsolescence for all to know. Here in his review of Alabama Steve he interjected a link to At this site there is a 20 minute flash movie that plays staring Annie Leonard. Annie Leonard is the author of the as yet to be published book "the Story of Stuff." The book will be based on the animated documentary that has been viewed over 7 million times on the web. Her scope is global and her message is clear. The following video comes from the Bioneers annual speakers event held in Marin County California this past October. If you can not see the video when you hit play try hitting the refresh button at the bottom left of the video window.

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