Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mad in Moab

I took this photograph of the Colorado River one week ago and anger has been drumming up inside me ever since.  This image shows browned water leaching into the river from the old altas uranium mine site less than a mile north of Moab, Utah.  The Department of Energy working with hundreds of millions of US tax dollars now toils to excavate and relocate radioactive waste perturbed from this site  by a private company over forty years ago.  Is this the fate of Northern Colorado south Texas and southwestern South Dakota?   How can we stop it?   If you want to argue for uranium mining please look closely at this image first!


Anonymous said...

Sorry but that looks like sediment runoff to me.

tompainesghost said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree that looks like sediment runoff. What is in the sediment? That is the question. Why is it running off right here? I am not a geologist and I do not claim to be. But I am curious. If this is can be called "merely" sediment runoff why do I not see this anywhere else along the river? Why are you sorry? Thanks again for the comment I am interested to know what you mean? If this is sediment runoff should we not be concerned? why or why not?