Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jim Bridges drops some natural philosophy

From the Daily Advance

Belief in the Force takes faith 
by Jim Bridges

Think about the stem of a rose. Now, imagine that stem as a green fuse. Then assume that there is a force which drives the rose through the green fuse and causes the rose to explode. That same force drives me from my green youth to hoary-headed age.

The same force “drives the water throughout the rocks” (rocks in the mountains, those underground, and those in the beds of streams) and drives the blood through my arteries, veins, and capillaries — all of my blood through all of those pipes.

That same Force eventually destroys the trees and turns my blood to wax. It makes all things and destroys all things. It causes dirt to spurt up into the air and assume the size, shape and color which causes us to say, “rose,” “azalea,” “dogwood.” Each year, the Force causes the right leaves and fruits and berries and theories to appear in the proper places.

The Force causes humans to think they think their own thoughts and forget that it is the Force which causes humans to bear ideas as surely as it is the Force which causes bushes to conceive berries. The Force rains and snows, it grows the orchid and the rose, it sculpts the universe and your toes. It even creates those people who say that they don’t believe in the Force.

A bumper sticker says, “God made me an atheist. Who are you to question his judgment?” I say it is easier to believe in God than to believe out of God. The more you believe, the more in God you are, andthe most abundantly you can have life and love your neighbor as yourself and “live and move and have your being.”

Thomas Paine said that the only sensible meaning humans can attach to “God” is “the First Cause,” the cause of all effects which have followed through all the eons. It is 10 times easier to believe in the Force, the First Cause, than it is to explain all the berries and people and ideas in any other way.

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