Friday, January 22, 2010

Bora and I agree on Ida

In the middle of 2009 a breathtaking fossil took the world stage. I blogged about this debut at the time and though she was controversial I tried to express the positive aspects of the discovery rather than the scientific discrepancies about her actually being a "missing link." Not until I saw the following video from last week's science online 2010 conference at research triangle park in North Caolina did I realized how much Bora Zivkovic at a blog around the clock and I really fall in agreement about bringing science to the masses. As a science communicator one must first draw the crowd or "pull them in" before one can break down the details. Ida's bombastic debut was a perfect example. It got regular people to look at science through a wide angled lens in a positive light. There is nothing wrong with that! And even though I felt duped when I read about Carl Sagan potentially lying to us all about the Heikegani Japanese samurai crabs while reading The Greatest Show on Earth I can not deny that watching the cosmos series en total solidified my affinity for science. 

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