Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ed Yong Speaks!

And am I glad he does. What a voice of reason. I am proud to be published alongside such a hero. Ed Yong author of one of my favorite blogs -Not Exactly Rocket Science - seems to really get it when it comes to breaking down the gates. After I posted my interview with Eugenie Scott last week an acquaintance who had seen it through facebook asked me if I was a journalist. I had to think about that - of course I'm not a journalist and don't claim to be. But I think that is an outdated question. Does the word "journalist" simply mean having progressed through a journalism program at University? Aren't we all editors, fact checkers, and peer-reviewers now? If someone is peddling bunk won't the hordes descend on them? If someone is spouting truth, then no matter their background, they will rise in the ranks. The blogosphere's most vindicating asset is that it is a MERITOCRACY. This is especially true in the world of science blogging. If you do bad work then you don't get readers if you do exhibitionist work you get lots of shallow readers, if you do good work you get good readers. Good writing is good writing no matter the credentials of the source. In my humble opinion Ed Yong is a great writer and with people like him at Not Exactly Rocket Science, Christie Wilcox at Observations of a Nerd, Scicurious at Neurotopia and many others I have no doubt the quality of science writing online will not only remain but thrive. 


Christie Lynn said...

Aw, you're too kind to put me in that group!

Ed Yong said...

Thank you!