Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post from a Ghost: Roycroft Speaks

The following words were imprinted on paper by the Roycrofters over 100 years ago.  Along with my grandmother's passing two years ago a copy of the book titled Health and Wealth by Elbert Hubbard came into my possession. For fear of disintegrating its frail leather cover I had not cracked it open until recently.   Once I began reading a few weeks ago I could not put it down.  Being published over 100 years ago and therefore having its copyright relinquished the work is now in the public domain. I feel obligated to share some of these words with you and let Elbert's spirit float through this brave new world.  Careful reading indicates the same discrepancies between freethinkers - lovers of reason, and the mystics - those appealing to blind faith,  have raged eternal and are clearly outlined in this text. 

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