Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bill Gates on Genetically Modified Crops

The book mentioned in the video - Tomorrow's Table - was written by Pamela C. Ronald, professor of plant pathology at the University of California, Davis. Tom Paine's Ghost is honored to have been published alongside Dr. Ronald in the Open Laboratory 2008.


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More like neoimperialism.
I liked what Obama said today while announcing his nomination for supreme court justice - Elena Kagan. He was quoting justice Stevens saying "She is the type of person that likes to understand both sides of an issue BEFORE disagreeing."
Let me be clear in my opinion regarding genetically modified crops. I do not agree that all genetically modified crops are good, nor all bad, but I do think, and am of strong opinion, that there DOES INDEED exist a great potential for GOOD. But if all the "good" people just throw up their hands and say NO GMO's period, then all you have left is the greedy corporate leaders saying - ah well we'll do it anyway and and not for good reasons but purely to make money. It takes an informed citizenry to steer progress in a mutually beneficial direction. When people play the game of TOTAL non-participation they leave room for corruption to grow and metastisize.