Monday, June 21, 2010

Submission Closed

 for the 
POST with the MOST 
blog post competition 

The winner will be announced Sunday July 4th.  Feel free to submit your entry to next year's competition. E-mail your entries here.

Here are the entries for the 2010 contest.

Ted Haggard launch party for Saint James Church: What 3D and his family heard and saw: by 3Dsound  
Interview with Joanne Manaster by Bora Zivkovic
Four Green Technologies That Could Change The World by Beth Buczynski
Green Years' Resolution by Steffany Boldrini
The Powerful Healing Power of Affirmations by Rena Reese
You'll either get this or you won't by Ivor Tymchak
Monday Musing: the greatest of all time by Abbas Raza
A Natural History of my instrument: by Alicia Jo Rabins
A Natural History of My Mishearing: by Ed Skoog
Natural Histories Project: by Sean Hill 
Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill - Conversations With My Grandpa: by Christie Wilcox 

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The Astronomist said...

Good luck to all who entered. I was planning to, but I was overwhelmed by opportunities in the last few months.

Anonymous said...

Who won the contest?