Friday, June 11, 2010

Lofty Writing

Come one, come all to my blogging workshop at the Matter Bookstore/Bean Cycle coffee shop TOMORROW!

The announcement says it is for "teens" but it is open to anyone interested!

"A workshop for teens dedicated to providing the basic tools to create a blog, nurture it, and watch it grow. Tips from a three year veteran on what does and does not fly in the blogosphere. We will discuss what a blog is, the power and abuse of the unprecedented freedoms that come with writing for literally ALL to read. With a background in science and scientific literature, the instructor will place a special focus on how to best cite peer-reviewed literature in your blog posts, and how to get indexed on over hundreds of popular blogs all over the globe. Workshop led by Kris Hite, founder of Tom Paine's Ghost and contributor."

This is the last workshop in the series. If you'e in Fort Collins tomorrow swing by the bookstore around 1PM!

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