Saturday, June 5, 2010

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Scientific Literacy - World Science Festival 2010

I shot this from about 8 feet away with my Canon rebel T1i. I uploaded it to YouTube last night and it took 6 HOURS!!!  Though I slept through most of that please enjoy the extra quality by clicking the resolution up to 720 and watch the sweat glisten off his face in all its "highly defined" glory! Here he is responding to an audience member's question - "should all people be scientifically literate, and if so, why?"


Cuttlefish said...

Can I use this footage in my teaching, please? If so, how do you want it attributed?

tompainesghost said...

Heck yeah! Please do use and spread it around. It would be cool if you say "captured by Kristopher Hite" that's me! Or you can say whatever you like. Attaching a link to Tom paine's ghost when you use it in electronic contexts would also be very cool!