Saturday, July 31, 2010

The raw data in the Afghan war

Dear President Obama,
Using your power as Commander in Chief could you please remove all US troops from all countries we were not invited to occupy?
Angry citizen of the United States of America

Green circles represent improvised explosive device (IED) incidents with no casualties, yellow - injuries only, red - death.  Note the complete lack of suppression in violence after Obama took office in January 2009 and the marked uptick since.



Anonymous said...

On the other hand, obtaining natural resources is important. Are we supposed to let all that gold, lithum, and oil go into the wrong hands? Since we have started to rely on technology to live our lives, these resources are vital to the world. It's a definate rough spot.

tompainesghost said...

"these resources are vital to the world."

Agreed, but why do we need to control them? And, name one example through all of history of a sustainable empire.

Anonymous said...

Name any society that has been sustainable. Man is competitive. From primitive until now.

tompainesghost said...

Sweden, Denmark and Norway are good examples! Denmark now produces 22% of its energy renewably, The US? - 3%.
No wonder we need to be a nation constantly at war. We are to lazy and cheap to invest time and effort developing our renewable energy infrastructure. Even though we have been called the Saudi Arabia of wind and a huge portion of the country is in the "sun belt" the renewable energy companies haven't got a chance against the Exxons and the Raytheon's Halliburtons, KBRs etc. Their only hope in an alert citizenry. Hmmmm - I try to be an optimist but more than the government, the American PEOPLE are actually disappointing me these days. FAT, apathetic, and entitled. That reality becomes more apparent daily and it continues to make me sick.

Anonymous said...

The old comment goes, "Why can't you be more European."

I agree with you about the energy sustainability. However, if those nations were as spread out and large as ours... they would consume much more oil. Norway would have it made... if they didn't want to make a profit.

Military wise, most of Europe dosn't have to invest in a military because of NATO. Ron Paul wants us to rid of NATO. I agree.

Yes American's do feel entitled and it is unfortunate. Imagine the mess in 20-30 years. Who is going to want to be in politics? Only a small number. Imagine the stress.

If you destroy reality TV, the nation may survive.

However, a lot of current technology including scientic methods do come from military spending... who does the computerized testing? They companies you listed above. Our internet was military first. Cell phone tech... military... the list goes on.