Monday, July 26, 2010

What is WikiLeaks? - Julian Assange explains

The news today of over 90,000 US military records regarding the war in Afghanistan being declassified, gives us all a moment to comprehend the power of transparency. When jingo politicians put on plastic smiles and nod while saying "don't worry adoring public, these wars are moving along swimmingly" the wheels of the military industrial complex just keep on turning, churning, and burning up our troops. Sending our cash straight to the KBRs, Halliburtons, Raytheons, Lockheed Martins, and Northrop Grummans of the world. When the people glimpse reality, the cogs of the war machine don't seem so shiny to a public with a thirty second attention span. After the dust settles and the white house gets over its initial "hurt feelings" maybe we can thank Julian Assange and company for slapping us all across the face and saying "wake up! This is how the "good" war is actually going." Maybe it will be an alarm sounding our final withdrawal from the "graveyard of empires."

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