Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post with the Most - WINNER!!!

Tom Paine's Ghost is excited to announce this year's Post with the Most Winner!!!

Exactly one month late, we are excited to announce the winner of the first annual POST with the MOST on Tom Paine's GHOST blog post composition contest. The decision was close but - as was set out in the initial guidelines -  there can only be ONE winner.

The final results-

After all votes came in here is how it worked out. Less points are good, more bad.

A Natural History of my instrument: by Alicia Jo Rabins received 7 points coming in 3rd

Four Green Technologies That Could Change The World by Beth Buczynski received 6 points coming in 2nd.

Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill - Conversations With My Grandpa: by Christie Wilcox  received 5 points coming in 1st!

Congratulations to Christie Wilcox - author of the blog Observations of a Nerd - for winning the first ever, first annual Post with the Most composition competition! Prize includes $100 cash and a copy of the latest issue of the Matter Journal a $17 value with  photos, art, interviews, poems and prose all dedicated to the giant of Western American environmentalism - Edward "Cactus Ed" Abbey. 

A big thank you to the judges, who shall remain anonymous, and all who participated. by submitting themselves or commenting on submission throughout the year.  On behalf of myself ,the process was enlightening and inspiring.  I look forward to next year's competition and all new ways of viewing this blue sphere we call home. 

Please submit your own entry for the 2011 contest by posting a link in the comments below or by sending me an e-mail. There are no date, length or content restrictions posts can only be entered once. if you entered a post last year you can not submit the same post this year.  For more details on the criteria for posts visit the original competition announcement here. In a nutshell, we are looking for entries using different forms of media. These forms include, but are not limited to - text, static images, audio, video, and any other medium, even those not yet known to the world.

Thank you for visiting,
may your day be filled with free thought.

Competition brought to you by - Chico bags - reusable compact shopping bags via Aidel's Vice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The winner is a superb choice. -The Owls

Christie Wilcox said...

WOW - THANKS! I feel totally honored to be picked. There was some stiff competition!