Monday, November 8, 2010

Cupcake Cook-off: a tool co-op benefit

Hammer Time is an emerging tool Co-Op in Fort Collins, Colorado. Here patrons can freely use an assortment of hardware and get advice on how to create whatever they want.  Charlie Malone wrote up a  wonderful summary of their core values over at Matter Daily. On Friday November 6th Hammer Time hosted a "Cupcake Cook-off" at the BeanCycle/Matter Bookstore to help pay for their home-base. People showed up in droves to taste-test the finest most wholesome, vegan, organic, alcoholic, delicious cupcakes Fort Collins had to offer.  The entries and attendance was phenomenal as the cup-cake trend surged through the bookstore with oceanic force.  Here are some visual highlights.  If I could provide a virtual tasting through the internet I would. Where is Willy Wonka when you need him?

Chocolate with meringue on top - dipped in hardening chocolate. 
Kale infused cake, spirulina provides chroma to the frosting, topped with apples gleaned from Fort Collins!

Espresso cupcakes with chocolate dipped pretzel handles.
Chuncks of peach in the cake with cream cheese frosting and pecans on top
Lavender, earl gray, with lemon zest

Raspberry atop a raspberry liquor infusion
Banana cake with ginger cream cheese frosting, chocolate and salted peanuts

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