Friday, November 12, 2010

Humanism - as embodied in the words of Robert G. Ingersoll

I went to a wedding in Estes Park, Colorado about three years ago. It was a beautiful day but one thing really bothered me. The minister also happened to be the father of the bride and his words of advice in the ceremony were archaic and harmful. He basically reflected the sentiment in the bible verse in the clip below - (Timothy 2:12). He told his daughter on her wedding day that she should strive to be her husband's assistant, his "little helper." I almost stood up in the pew and screamed. But this would not have been received very well as I only kind of knew the couple. Maybe some people are OK with this kind of mindset but I think it continues to be the source of many fundamental problems; pay inequality, double standards, and general angst.

Consider Humanism - Robert Ingersoll from American Humanist Association on Vimeo.

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