Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What was the point of the Rally to Restore Sanity?

The question keeps popping up. What was the point of the Rally to Restore Sanity? Was it simply a quorum call by Viacom to measure their corporate power to mobilize human beings? Was it a secret plot to get us all to subscribe to text message updates on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report? Was it a plan by four-square to have the first ever Mega-swarm of smart phone users? Or was it really the intellectual Woodstock it appeared to be? Ummm I was there and it was none of those. I showed up because I am sick and tired of the media always plastering the jowly faced blowhards who talk the loudest into my television and computer speakers. I wanted to hear Jon on CSPAN freely talking to all Americans telling them to stop being so afraid of the boogie men in Rush Limbaugh's vocal chords.

I do not understand all the follow-up complaining.

It was a beautiful event with a mellow vibe to be had by all. To me the main point was - Let's stop tearing each other down and try building something together. One citizen's chemistry lab is another citizen's temple. I'm sorry PZ Myers doesn't get it. You had to be there I suppose, but I'd like to think the message can be spread to those not in attendance with some simple testimony from those who were.

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