Monday, February 28, 2011

Form Follows Function

A thought. 

If you don't have pets you can stop reading. 

I was on a walk with my dog this morning when I saw something shiny on the street. It was a piece of a broken pair of sunglasses, the temple piece - silvery, sharp - the metal rod and hinge connecting the ear and the lens. I was trying to think of how to incorporate this piece of garbage into a sculpture when I thought of that old adage "form follows function." This led me to think... if I were to spend the effort making a sculpture wouldn't I want it to be useful? Usable by people? All kinds of people? A vision of cats scratching up the backs of couches and dogs chewing up chair legs popped into my head. Why fight instinct? Why not work with it. Rather than buying fancy furniture only to have it ruined by your pets? Why not build a sculpture that is actually a chair or a couch with some unique design intended to to scratched and chewed revealing new iterations of the sculpture? Maybe a hair-brained idea but as part of a recent resolution to blog more random thoughts requiring more than 140 characters I present it here. I hope to see one of these in my home or somewhere floating in the ether in the near future.  

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