Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post with the Most - 2011 Entry #1

Today we have our first entry to the Post with Most competition.  A perspective on the rise of Somali piracy.  Embodying the essence of revolution this post is laid out in two parts; the first historical, the second speculative.  What parrells can be drawn between the Golden Age of Piracy in the US and the current rise of piracy in Somalia?  

Let the "southern fried scientist" walk you through this compelling tale on the high seas.  

"Since the early 1990′s the Somali pirate fleets have grown increasingly sophisticated. Originally acting as defensive pirates protecting their waters from marauding fishing vessels, they soon realized the value of a captured trawler. Companies were willing to pay a high ransom for the safe return of their ships and crew, and captured vessels could be used to extend the range of the pirate fleet, allowing longer patrols and attacks further from their home port. The pirates also benefited from their close proximity to the Gulf of Aden, which sees almost 20% of all international shipping traffic, a rich vein for a resource poor country."

Read the entire piece here. I can already feel the energy of this year's competition mounting as the first entry beautifully integrates both photos AND video!