Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Crunk Feminist Collective - POST with the MOST Entry #3

"After all of these years, I’ve realized that the perfectly humble, holy hairstyle is not what I needed. I needed a bigger view of God."
The Crunk Feminist Collective has nominated a post - "Single, Saved, and Sewn In: The Gospel of Getting Your Hair Done" by Ashaf to the POST with the MOST competition on Tom Paine's Ghost.
This post is a history lesson, a religious ray of light, and a smart slice of life for black women in the US.
Her smart use of video, photos, and Bibles translations makes for a powerful argument. This tackles a huge issue in race and feminism in a serious, thoughtful, and funny way, and leaves the reader enlightened and free. 
"The church says stay away from those demonic braids because they were a sign of sex work in Paul’s day. The world says get a sew-in—a style that requires braids—because real men dig Beyonce."

POST with the MOST entries so far include -
Single, Saved, and Sewn In: The Gospel of Getting Your Hair Done by Ashaf
Nuclear Engineer on Japan Nuclear Disaster by Evelyn Mervine
Nothing to plunder – the evolution of Somalia’s pirate nation by the Southern Fried Scientist

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