Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson

Though I respect his thoughts on religion enough to have had them prominently displayed on my facebook profile for years, it is another thought he had regarding meat that lately rings in my head.  From page 166 in Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food.

"Eating meat in the tremendous quantities we do (each American now consumes an average of two hundred pounds of meat a year) is probably not a good idea, especially from a highly industrialized food chain.  Several studies point to the conclusion that the more meat there is your diet - especially read meat - the greater your risk of heart disease and cancer. Yet studies of flexitarians suggest that small amounts of meat - less than one serving a day - don't appear to increase one's risk. Thomas Jefferson probably had the right idea when he recommended using meat more as a flavor principle than as a main course, treating it as a 'condiment for the vegetables.'"

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tompainesghost said...

There was a great comment on here that tracked down the original Jefferson quote which can be found on the Monticello website.
Thanks to Gaythia. Not sure where your comment wandered off to.