Friday, June 24, 2011

Links with your iced tea

One of my old favorites - onegoodmove - periodically has "Links with your coffee."  I've always liked these quickie updates and therefore will link with whatever drink I'm craving at a particular moment here on TPG.

Being somewhere in the center of the oppressive heat index I present you
              Links with your Iced Tea.   
                         Bits of information swirling around my head...

Tour de Fat! Kicks off tomorrow in Durham, North Carolina Saturday June 25th. Go Todd and Meg! Fly the Fort Collins, Colorado banner HIGH.

Post with the Most - Blog post contest on Tom Paine's Ghost is now closed.  A full list of entrants is coming soon. Winner to be announced July 4th, 2011.

I joined the National Trust for Historic Preservation and was immediately disappointed in the distinctly moneyed-east-coast attitude pervading the completely disconnected article on stopping renewable energy projects for fear they will "drastically compromise the integrity of the landscape." 

First New York Times article this month that caught my eye - My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant  By JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS - NYT's 20 article limit not so scary when I consider maybe I'll look at a handful a month.

Thought this job posting for Director of Sustainability at Wikimedia was my dream job until I realized it was a different kind of "$ustainability."  My approach would have been to rebuild all Wikipedia offices with the help of the Amish somewhere in the Pacific northwest where their funding would come from local barter of eggs, chickens, sheep's wool, honey, and kale. Since almost all other commerce in the United States is floating on a large bubble of oil.

Still trying to write this interactive blog-post linking the singularity, nerve regeneration using pig veins and spider silk, and spider silk protein made with genetically engineered goats! Trying to synthesize these ideas into a post about being able to accomplish secular reincarnation by wiring a human brain into an animal's body. Imaging hooking into a whale's nervous system as a literal after-life.

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