Monday, July 4, 2011

Real-Time History from Dad

I see that someone from Endicott, New York is reading Tom Paine's Ghost.  I tell my father this and immediately he says.

Did you know IBM started there?

Also, Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company started there.


Gaythia said...

E-J looks interesting.

My family connection is with Columbia Conserve, "an experiment in industrial democracy", rather than "square deal capitalism", but which also had a wealthy benefactor.

tompainesghost said...

What a great legacy to have tied into your genes! I am a huge fan of employee owned companies. I will be working for a large one this summer - New Belgium Brewery out of Fort Collins Colorado. "wind-powered and employee owned."

I'm dressing as a newsie and will be soap-boxing for grey-water management and composting with wolverine farm publishing. They are a non-profit who is funded in large part by New Belgium. I'll appear with the group in Chicago and Milwaukee July 16th and 30th respectively. Keep your eye out for road stories :)

Gaythia said...


I'll look forward to hearing more.

B said...

My Grandmother was born in Endicott, NY, and my Great Grandfather was employed by Endicott Johnson Shoe Company for many years until he opened cottages on Route 20 (the cottages were accompanied by a gas station and tea shop). ...what happens to all of this family history when our loved ones are gone? I've got to interview my Grandmother.