Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kale vs. Chikin'

I first heard about this Vermonter named Bo about two years ago in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had been riding my bicycle through old-town and I noticed a bright green bumper-sticker that said in big stylized black letters "Eat More Kale." With a bunch of Kale sticking out of my backpack I just thought it was too awesome.  I rushed home and typed "Eat More Kale" into the Google. Up came Bo and his website There I found videos of this quarky Vermonter peddling his wares in various out-there scenarios such as blowing paint from his mouth to print the t-shirts.  My enthusiasm for this guy grew and grew and I actually started to evangelize the virtues of Kale and Bo's whole vibe on Facebook.  

A few months ago while I was unplugged from the world, Bo was asked by Chik Fil-A to "cease and desist" with his making of the "Eat More Kale" t-shirts and bumper stickers and turn over his website to them all because the good ol' boys at Chic-Fil-A corporate thought his slogan was a bit to similar to theirs - "Eat Mor Chikn'." Despite the fact that Chik-Fil-A did not manage to spell their slogan correctly they still felt compelled to squash the potential competition on the basis of owning the trademark to the words "eat" and "mor." I know I'm a bit late to this story as it has been featured on CNN and the New York Times did and article on the lawsuit, but I feel strongly about this and want to show my support and solidarity with Bo.  He's fighting this tooth-and-nail and is producing a documentary following the case as it unfolds.  Real-time justice is what we need now and this kind of public fight is a perfect example.  Regardless of the court decisions involved in this case Cik-Fil-A has assured that this blogger will never eat at one of their restaurants and will recommend that anyone reading this boycott Chik-Fil-A as well.  If you are able please support Bo in making this documentary and keeping up the good fight.  You may even get a t-shirt :)

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