Monday, April 16, 2012

DANGER! Church in State!

John Shimkus a US congressman who currently sits on the Committee on Energy and Commerce is (in my opinion) INSANE!!! 

He has gone on record on the floor of congress completely ignoring scientific evidence and replacing it with trust in mysticism and dogma. He has continuously painted scientists as conspirators in a global movement to take away money and jobs from the US economy. His votes affect us. How did "we the people" elect such a man? A man so completely in breech of the wall of separation Thomas Jefferson so bravely erected between church and state. 

He is openly spitting on reason and reality and I will not be silent about it! 

Essentially Rep. Skirmus has publicly said - we don’t have to worry about climate change, global warming, and CO2. Why? Because, in the bible, God said we don’t have to worry about a flood anymore, he promised it wouldn’t happen. And besides, god is also going to end the world soon, so it’s out of our hands.

 If this kind of reckless political leadership does not scare you please email me at because we need to have a serious conversation as fellow Americans. 

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